Friday, February 11, 2011

Clean Eating #49: Super Quick & Easy Green Beans w/Olive Oil & Almonds

Green Beans w/Olive Oil & Almonds

A great side dish!  We had ours with Chicken "Fingers" (Who thought of that phrase anyway?  Eeew!) and oven fries.  Oven fries that Sasquatch made.

He made them WAY too spicy so he wouldn't have to share.  We let him sit there with the whole pan, tears streaming down his face, sniffling, saying, "MMMMmmm... Spicy.  Good."  I think we might need to stop calling him Sasquatch.  It appears to be affecting his speech patterns.

The beans are super simple... a good thing when they're a side dish to the pain in the butt chicken fingers... you know what?  I'm not calling them that anymore.  "Breaded" chicken strips.  Because those were annoying.  Maybe they were just annoying to me because I don't LIKE chicken strips.  I don't like my meat 'breaded' in any form, but I made these for my kids, because they're weir... er, I mean, they like breaded things.

Green beans (I used frozen, and I generally always buy 'full' beans, but my hubby always buys cut.  They aren't nearly as pretty, but hey, they're beans.)
Chopped/Sliced/Slivered almonds.  (I used blanched only because that's all I had, I would normally use slivered)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I start cooking the beans like I normally do, then when they're half way done, I drizzle some olive oil over them (just a little) and add the almonds.  Yummy!!

And that night, when I was cooking dinner, I heard something on the porch.  Do you know what it was?  That's RIGHT!  A horse was eating out of our trash can.  That doesn't happen just any day!
Do you know how freaky it is to open your door in the dark and have huge HORSES staring at you?  Its pretty freaking strange.  I about dropped my camera!  Yeah, I'm an official blogger.  My first thought was, "I wonder what out there making all that racket.  Where's my camera?"  I'm just glad it wasn't a skunk.