Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!! Clean Eating BIG shop day

I bought myself a "Clean Eating" Magazine for Christmas, and I can not say enough good things about it.  I LOVE the layout, I love the recipes and the fact that there are meal plans with shopping lists, making everything SO easy and quick.  With a busy home life, anything that makes life easier is a win.  The fact that my entire FAMILY is excited about the new food is even better!!  I have my camera back, my laptop is fixed, so here we go!  It is my goal to post 365 meals that we fix... it may be three meals one day and none on another.  We have a couple days a week that get insanely crazy around here, so posting daily would be a stretch!

I'm planning to start a video log of some of our 'big' cooking days as soon as my video camera battery arrives as well.  I'll be sure to share the entertainment:)

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

And, for the record, our Clean Eating plan includes an Isagenix Organic Protein shake each day (You can use whatever protein powder you like, I'll occasionally post new shake ideas as I find them).  We make them clean... today was vanilla powder, frozen strawberries, frozen banana, all natural plain yogurt, water and a couple of drops of stevia.  The kids love it because it tastes like strawberry frozen yogurt. 


And here are some staples that we stocked up on today.  Things that pretty much always find their way into our kitchen:
We are trying some new nut butters this year.  I'm hoping to get my kids out of the peanut butter rut!  We use nuts in our breads, salads, cookies, etc.
Whole grain pastas.  Those lasagna noodles are to DIE FOR.  They are glorious, and my kids didn't complain, either. Kainan, my resident "healthy" food critic even liked them!
We don't eat a lot of cereal, we generally have a protein shake or sometimes steel cut oats (especially after I accidentally ordered a 50# bag instead of 5# bag:), so I try to buy the healthiest cereal I can when they're on sale, since they are pretty expensive.  Healthy (for us) means catching sales and a lot of planningahead at times.
My FAVORITE sweetener for a brown sugar replacement.  Its made from Xylitol, which is actually GOOD for your teeth!  I started using the brown sugar stuff and my family didn't even notice!